DG Yola

Обложка альбома DG YolaAtlanta rising star D.G. Yola knows his city streets like no one else. From living on them as a homeless teen to combing every corner of the A-town with his music, this determined ghetto youth knew no boundaries in his grassroots campaign for regional recognition. Embodying both the natural talents to make us move our feet along with the necessary drive that warrants longevity, Yola crafted his career like a strategic game of chess- carefully calculating each move two and three steps ahead. After starting his own independent label, Power Hitter Records, and capturing the Southeast with one of the summer’s hottest down South singles,”Ain’t Gon Let Up,” Yola’s undeniable buzz landed him a deal with Atlantic Records. Now carefully plotting his next plan of action, he awaits the release of his major label debut,”GUTTA WORLD.” “I didn’t need anybody’s record label ’cause I can sign myself and get my own record label,” says the 21-year-old Yola.”I never wanted to work under somebody, so I did it myself.” A hustler to his heart, Yola was instructed on the game of life on Atlanta’s rugged West Side.
  • Трек: Ain't Gon Let Up (Amended Version)
  • Исполнитель (артист): DG Yola
  • Длительность 3:15
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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    • 3:14
      DG YolaAin't Gon Let Up (Instrumental)
    • 3:13
      DG YolaAin't Gon Let Up (Amended Acapella)
    • 4:34
      Gucci ManeIm A Dog [feat. DG Yola]
    • 3:47
      DJ Cool Breeze & OJ Da JuicemanMuggin Thuggin (feat. Gucci Mane & DG Yola)
    • 3:58
      J MoneyLost My Mind (feat. Gucci Mane & DG Yola)
    • 5:36
      DG Yola Feat. Gucci ManeIm A Dogg
    • 3:13
      DG YolaAin't Gon Let Up
    • 4:27
      DG YolaPass Da Kush
    • 3:07
      DG YolaI Aint Gon Let Up
    • 3:03
      DG YolaStay Focus
    • 3:36
      DG YolaI Knoy Like Dat
    • 3:44
      DG YolaLive Real, Die Real
    • 4:44
      Young Capone, DG YolaHush Boy
    • 3:10
      DG YolaGet It
    • 3:36
      DG YolaAint Gon Let Up
    • 3:32
      B.O.B. Ft Lil Boosie & DG YolaFuck You
    • 5:36
      DG Yola Feat. Gucci ManeIm A Dogg
    • 4:38
      DG YolaBusiness Bout Ya Self (Prod. By DJ Montay)
    • 1:52
      DG YolaI Know U Like That
    • 3:25
      DG YolaDoin Wat U Doin
    • 3:11
      DG YolaSpending Money
    • 3:01
      DG YolaGood Pussy
    • 3:05
      DG YolaWishes N Dreams
    • 2:18
      DG YolaSo Wet
    • 3:45
      DG YolaU Bad
    • 3:45
      DG YolaLive Real
    • 4:01
      DG YolaSo Gone
    • 4:09
      DG YolaMy Hunger
    • 3:52
      DG YolaIdolize
    • 5:36
      DG Yola Feat. Gucci ManeIm A Dogg [vk.com/dbooster | bassboosted]
    • 5:03
      DG YolaDon't Trust
    • 4:20
      DG YolaMissing Yall
    • 3:49
    • 3:53
      DG YolaSo Gone (Feat. Vedo The Singer)
    • 3:21
      DG YolaAin't It Funny [Prod. By Midnight Black]
    • 4:45
      DG YolaShining Wit No Lights
    • 3:06
      DG YolaAin't Gone Let Up
    • 4:37
      DG YolaDat Drop [Prod. By Shawnymac For Midnight Riders]
    • 4:05
    • 3:32
      DG YolaCheck (Future & T.I. Diss)
    • 2:48
      DG YolaGet Da Money
    • 2:51
      DG YolaStoned Stupid [Prod. By Midnight Black]
    • 4:47
      DG YolaR.I.P
    • 2:51
    • 4:26
      DG YolaWhats Up [Prod. By Dj Montay]
    • 3:38
      DG YolaReturn of the truth
    • 3:41
      DG YolaWassup
    • 3:54
      David Banner ft. DG YolaGet Money
    • 2:58
      DG Yola-♥Pass Da Cush (Feat. Gucci Mane)